Gamification is an application of game mechanics in non-game processes. If applied correctly, this approach allows to increase the efficiency of solving business tasks many times.

The game is one of the main human activities. Nowadays many modern psychologists talk about the importance of games not only for children, but also for adults. The game is distinguished by the fact that its player is actively experiencing what is happening, he/she is emotionally involved, captured by the process. During the game, the brain areas responsible for pleasure are used. All this together creates an excellent basis for marketing activities.

Development of branded games for social networks or mobile platforms Android / iOS

It is intended to advertise the brand within the game, to gain intangible benefits in the form of communication and lead generation.

  • Building of a Brand Trust
  • Brand-Consumer Communication
  • Building a Community of Loyal Users Through The Game
  • Conversion of Loyal Users into Customers

You should not reinvent the wheel, you need to create a game with the already known gameplay, but to implement it so that you want to play, carefully inserting your brand in the game.

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Development of branded games for the b social network or Android / iOS mobile platforms
Creating games in the genre of "three in a row" with your brand

Creating a Game in The Genre of “match 3” with Your Brand

“Match 3” is a type of game mechanics of casual puzzles, which gained great popularity due to its simplicity and flexibility. The essence of the gameplay related to this type, is reduced to the movement of pieces on the playing field and the compilation of chains or lines of three or more elements.

  • Our Project: Magic Adventure
  • Game audience: 1,000,000 users


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