About the Client

NOVATEK--AZK LLC (network of filling stations) is a 100% owned subsidiary company of NOVATEK PJSC, the largest independent gas producer, and ranks third in terms of proven gas reserves among public companies in the world. The company is engaged in small-scale wholesale and retail sales  of automotive fuel through the federal network of filling stations, as well as the construction and servicing of filling infrastructure.



Website and mobile app development for NOVATEK-AZK customers in line with the company's digital transformation initiative and  account base expansion.


  • Promoting positive image of LHG (liquefied hydrocarbon gas) as compared to petrol, and easy-to-install CGE (compressed gas equipment)

  • Increasing loyalty of existing customers and attracting new ones by enabling quick search of partner centers and gas stations

  • Informing individuals and legal entities about current promotions, bonus programs and benefits of cooperation

  • Informing users about the personal account and the mobile app



  • Having analyzed the needs of filling station customers and building potential scenarios for user-app interaction, we outlined the critical requirements for the future functionality of the app
  • When designing the application, we took into account all the possible user needs. We analyzed most of the user scenarios at the design stage for the main screens and proposed a well-thought-out interface concept
  • We paid particular attention to the personal accounts
  • We created and implemented data collection tools at various stages of system operation to optimize loading time and data integrity


  • Creation of a page listing gas advantages and a calculator for the benefits of switching to gas at the website

  • Creation of interactive maps enabling the search for partner centers and gas stations at the website

  • Creation of the company mobile app

  • Creation of website sections with current promotions, bonus programs and benefits of cooperation



The new website allows individuals and legal entities to obtain all the necessary information on bonus cards through their personal account, new users to learn about loyalty cards, to find filling stations in the cities, and also to calculate the benefits of switching from petrol to gas using benefits calculator and obtain the opportunity to become a partner of the company.

Since the go live, the company has already increased their account base by 25% thanks to the new sales channel as well as the image of the company committed to digital technologies. And you can’t overestimate the potential offered by  the ability of managing new data to improve the company processes.