SUNDAY Mobile App

About the Client

GEMS MARKET is a jewelry company established as a merger of Gemopolis and Sundaygems, with more than 10 years of expertise and history.

GEMS MARKET specializes in the supply and wholesale distribution of diamonds, precious, semi-precious and synthetic stones to jewelry manufacturing companies. The company closely follows jewelry fashion trends, therefore they always offer a wide selection of the most sought after and relevant high-quality products.

GEMS MARKET has offices in the international gem wholesale and retail centers in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mumbai and Jaipur, which allows them to quickly respond to customer requests and offer stones at the best price.



Development of a mobile app for the first international gemstone exchange in Russia, with the ability to search and filter within the catalog of gemstones, as well as place an order and track the status of the order directly on a mobile phone.


  • Delivering the best service in the market
  • Attracting new customers and boosting repeat purchases
  • Sales increase
  • Public image enhancement



  • Since Gems Market is a fast-paced and dynamically developing company introducing new mechanics, we made the decision to use Scrum instead of the classic Waterfall methodology.
  • We offered the client a cross-platform technology Google Flutter for app development. It is suitable for mobile apps with high performance and native design - just the thing for a mobile online store. Сross-platform approach allows using the same code to create applications for the two operating systems - iOS and Android - at once, taking into account the guidelines of both platforms.


  • Developing a mobile application for both platforms, iOS and Android
  • Development and release of push notifications (order status change, stock update, system update, rapoport update)
  • Two-way integration with the accounting system
  • Enhancing catalog search and filtering using many parameters
  • Creating a calculator to calculate the price of precious metals
  • Monitoring precious metal prices and currency exchange rates
  • Verification of diamonds and other gems certificates



Gems Market mobile app is a new company tool for both existing and new customers. The user-friendly catalog with enhanced filters allows you to find a diamond that will match your preferences to a dot.

App development is a long-term investment in the expansion of the sales channel attracting a rapidly growing number of mobile Internet users and fostering loyalty of existing customers.

  • Over 1,000 clients
  • Over 10,000 orders
  • Over 500,000 stones