B2B eCommerce Platforms & CRM for MIZUDO

About the Client

MIZUDO is one of the largest manufacturers of heating and hot water supply systems in Eastern Europe.

MIZUDO products find extensive  application in many countries. 

Their product portfolio of gas water heaters and boilers is widely represented in large specialised retail chains, it is  highly sought after for projects with major corporate customers and is supported by an exclusive system for professional installers.


  • Streamline the  sales process and provide continuous access to the portfolio
  • Increase sales and implement CRM
  • Create a unified desktop for company employees
  • Improve employee performance for routine tasks and sales order processing
  • Increase business process transparency and control
  • Support business analysis and reporting


  • B2B eCommerce development and new sales channel launch
  • CRM system development and releaseof the unified desktop for employees
  • Reporting and analytics automation for the Sales Director and Investors
  • Business interaction automation with dealers and service centres


The process of developing complex projects in our company consist of 4 main steps:
  • Business Intelligence and Design

    At this stage, we analysed the business processes in the company as is, and designed the changes that will need to be incorporated with the release of the B2B eCommerce project. All the processes were thoroughly and accurately documented in BPMN.

    Next we built CJM (Customer Journey Map) and developed the structure of the public section of B2B.

    Then we moved on to creating a prototype of the entire system - B2B public section, personal customer accounts, personal employee accounts with varying levels of access, CRM, business intelligence section, etc.

  • Design concept and user interface

    Here we successfully developed the design concept and user interface, which the client approved.
  • Project implementation

    At this stage we started using SCRUM and began working in two-week sprint cycles.

    Within each sprint we built a user interface based on the earlier developed design, came up with business logic at the backend, tested internally and demonstrated the results to the client.

    Project was actioned by a dedicated team of 8 employees:

    • Project Manager
    • 3 Backend Developers
    • 2 Frontend Developers
    • 2 QA Engineers
  • Project go live and support

    Following the project implementation and delivery of all the features, we released the project into production and opened the public access to B2B eCommerce.



As a result, we created a modern and unique digital platform with the following functionality:

  • B2B eCommerce;
  • Personal Customer Accounts;
  • Company Employee Accounts;
  • CRM System;
  • Integrated Loyalty Program;
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting;
  • Business Process Automation and Integration with Customer Systems.


The Digital platform we developed is the main tool of the Marketing and Sales department, which was instrumental in its digitisation and transformation, reducing the operational cost by 48% and increasing sales by 84%.

> 1000 customers B2B

> 5000 SKU

> $20 000 000 turnover per year