Mobile e-commerce app "Lyuks voda"

About the client

Lux Voda is one of the largest water production and supply companies.



Development of the Lux Voda mobile application.


  • Providing current customers of the company with a convenient service for ordering water and related products, taking into account the current loyalty program.
  • Provide an opportunity for new users to register as quickly as possible and become a client of the company.

  • Process

    Due to the fact that the Lux Voda company is developing very actively and dynamically, introducing new mechanics of the loyalty program, we decided to develop not according to the classic Waterfall methodology, but according to Scrum.


  • Creation of new mobile applications for both iOS / Android platforms, replacing the old ones, with a significant expansion of functionality.
  • Implementation of an up-to-date loyalty program.
  • Bilateral integration with the accounting system.
  • Catalog with a detailed product card
  • Placing an order through the shopping cart
  • Implementation of a new loyalty program
  • Client's personal account for individuals and legal entities.



The Lux Voda mobile application made it possible to increase the loyalty of current customers by 25% and attract new customers by 20% compared to previous results. With a virtual loyalty card tied to a user profile, a company can better control data, improving the quality of management decisions to increase sales.