Supplier relationship management & B2B-marketplace

About the client

UMMC (The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company) is the largest Russian metallurgical and mining holding uniting the production of cathode copper, non-ferrous metal rolled products, cable industry and thermal coal.

The holding is included in the list of backbone organizations in Russia and unites more than 50 enterprises in the mining industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and metalworking, as well as in ferrous metallurgy, construction, agriculture, telecommunications, cable and coal industries in 12 regions of Russia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.




As part of the digital transformation of the business, the task was set to radically change the procurement business processes throughout the holding - to introduce a corporate marketplace.


  • Cost reduction
  • Increasing process flexibility
  • Business process optimization
  • Process acceleration
  • Reduced time to market

  • Process

    Work on this project required, first of all, building clear internal and external processes. In the context of dynamic changes in priorities, functional requirements and scope of tasks, as well as high development rates, we decided to use agile methodologies. To do this, it was necessary to build a clear and transparent communication between all members of the project team, to delineate areas of responsibility. Moving in 1-2 week sprints, joint planning was carried out for several sprints ahead with their subsequent adjustment after each iteration of refinement. In the shortest possible time, the project team of the Digital Element, the UMMC holding, managed to do the almost impossible - change the business processes at the enterprise, develop a software platform, connect the largest suppliers to it and launch a corporate marketplace.


  • Building a fault-tolerant and reliable project architecture that is prepared to work with a large amount of data and a high load
  • Pre-project survey and unification of procurement business processes at all enterprises of the holding
  • Creation of a single integration bus with holding accounting systems (SAP, etc.)
  • Creation of a unified authentication system on the marketplace for all enterprises
  • Creation of an interface for connecting new enterprises of the holding to the marketplace
  • Creating an interface for connecting new supplier companies to the marketplace
  • Creation of a single personal account of the supplier for interaction with all enterprises of the holding
  • Creation of a marketplace API for integration with supplier accounting systems (Rest API)
  • Development of new functionality according to prioritized business requirements
  • Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android



The UMMC corporate marketplace has been launched in full and continues to develop rapidly, significantly expanding its functionality and business processes.

Thanks to the digital transformation of procurement at all enterprises of the holding, the following goals were achieved in 2022:

> 50 connected enterprises of the holding

> 5,000 users

> 1 million products from suppliers

> 10,000 orders per month

> 100,000 ordered items per month

> 20 large supplier companies