Unique video chat and poll system for B2B

About the client

A meeting of creditors is an organization whose purpose is to regulate the relationship between a debtor and creditors. Participation in the commission is taken by both authorized bodies and those creditors who are already included in the register on the day of the event.



The platform is designed to hold face-to-face and absentee online meetings with video chat, in which 150 users can participate simultaneously, discuss the agenda, and conduct open and closed voting. As a result of the meetings, a legal document accepted and signed with an electronic signature is formed.


  • Organizing a meeting of creditors via remote access
  • Electronic document flow during meetings of creditors, storage and systematization of documents
  • Reducing the cost of face-to-face meetings
  • Automation of the processes of preparing and processing documents for meetings
  • Systematization of the collection of documents for meetings
  • Meeting optimization to reduce time costs

  • Process

    • At the initial stage of project development, our team had to understand all the intricacies of the business processes of the meeting of creditors and study the legislation. • At the same time, the platform architecture was designed taking into account the fact that the system must be scalable (up to 1000 simultaneous connections) and fault-tolerant. • Particular attention was paid to the invariance (constancy of the stability of the system, regardless of user actions) of the system being developed. • The development of the system and the introduction of new functionality was carried out directly in the development process


  • When implementing the project, we took into account the following features:
  • Formalized and structured business processes for holding a meeting of creditors
  • Worked out business processes at all levels - technical, legal, business level
  • Created a constructor for creating 10 voting forms and their validation during the operation of the system
  • Creation of 5 ways to validate participants and 3 ways to implement a legally significant workflow on the site
  • Both in-person and absentee forms of voting have been developed
  • Building a scalable platform architecture with a group video chat with the ability to simultaneously find up to 150 participants
  • Implementation of the possibility of coordinating documents using an electronic signature and SMS messages
  • Implementation of 5 voting scenarios taking into account the Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)"


  • The developed platform allows organizing meetings of creditors through remote access, which leads to a reduction in the cost of holding face-to-face meetings by several times.
  • The electronic document management created in the system allows you to organize all important documentation and store it in one place, which practically eliminates the possibility of losing important documents.
  • At the moment, 272 participants and 50 organizers are registered in the system. More than 50 meetings have been held.
  • We continue to improve the platform, and a joint plan with the customer for new functionality has been developed.