Unique HR-mobile app for Atomenergoremont

About the Client

Atomenergoremont JSC is the leading and world's largest specialist repair organization in the nuclear power industry, a general contractor for the maintenance and repair of equipment at nuclear power plants and other industrial enterprises. Atomenergoremont JSC accounts for more than 70% of maintenance projects  at NPP sites in Russia and abroad.



The purpose of developing a mobile app is to facilitate Atomenergoremont JSC employee interaction and networking, their social activities  during business trips and the creation of the main communication channel for HR,  delivering internal announcements to more than 10,000 field specialists.


  • User authorization and identification
  • Home screen with various features available
  • Ability to create private and team chats
  • Functionality for sending parcels to other cities
  • Business trip management  via creation of a card referencing  all the parameters
  • Creating events with employees
  • User profile with gamification



Atomenergoremont business activities span the globe and, being in one city, employees may not know if any of their colleagues are there as well. The age and background of the employees are quite diverse, so the app functionality and interface should be user-friendly and intuitive. To this end, at the first stage we developed the technical requirements specification and created detailed prototypes of the interface.



Development of a mobile application for both iOS/Android platforms with the following functionality:

  • Creating business trips;
  • Travel survey and reporting;
  • Creating personal events during business trips and participating in others’;
  • Chats between colleagues and with the management;
  • Team chats;
  • Parcel transfer;
  • Company news and announcements;
  • Conducting company surveys;
  • Ability to find friends;
  • Guide to cities and places of interest;
  • Push Notifications.



Thanks to the introduction of the mobile app #YARABOTAYUVAER at Atomenergoremont JSC, the communication of the HR team  with the employees and internal employee communication became more efficient, which resulted in an increase of loyalty level  from 85% to 92% after a survey.

Owing to business trip management functionality, the company reduced  business trip processing effort by 850 man-hours per year.

The resulting analytics based on the app performance allow the company to improve the quality of employee adjustment during  business trips.