First B2C legal marketplace in East Europe

About the client

The European Legal Service is the first 24/7 remote legal support service in Russia and the CIS, serving more than 3 million people.

Today, the company has more than 100 services that make the life of customers easier and more understandable every day. Today, the European Legal Service provides remote services on the market, which can be combined into several areas: law, financial consulting, auto assistance, telemedicine, multiservices. Services are implemented through three main channels - B2B, B2C and agent network



The main task that the Digital Element team faced during the implementation of the project was to create a single platform that combines the services of partners and the own services of the European Legal Service


  • ELSMARKET should become a one-stop-shop platform for receiving the services of the European Legal Service and the first marketplace for remote legal services in Russia
  • Creation of the referral program of the European Legal Service

  • Process

    At the very beginning of the project development process, our analysts, together with the client, designed the most important business processes on the marketplace and described them in BPMN 2.0 notation. To ensure the operation of the marketplace, we implemented two-way integration with the customer's CRM and MDM systems via REST-API using the following principles: Asynchronous mode No state saving Caching is always allowed Layered system Data available upon request Data can be received both completely and by changes


  • The marketplace visually consists of three versions for legal entities, individuals and partners with the ability to switch versions in the site header and save this switch when viewing other pages of the site.
  • The user's personal account on the marketplace is integrated with the customer's accounting system
  • Three types of personal accounts are implemented on the marketplace: Personal account of an individual, Personal account of a legal entity, Personal account of a partner
  • Implemented a flexible referral program




ELSMARKET - the first remote services marketplace in Russia and the CIS has been launched!

  • >3+ million users
  • >10+ million consultations
  • >100+ million online services