B2B E-Commerce Platform & Auctions

About the Client

TMK PJSC is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes for the oil and gas sector and one of the top three tubular solutions business leaders in the world.

The company integrates production assets located in Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.



Creation of a portal to sell slow-moving and non-core products of TMK manufacturing facilities and implementation of e-auctions


  • Ensuring transparency of selling slow-moving products
  • Reducing losses from inefficient sales of slow-moving products
  • Attracting more buyers of slow-moving products and increasing sales turnover
  • Reducing labor hours to sell slow-moving products



As the portal offers a large range of items like unclaimed fixed assets, vehicles, non-core products and others, our team conducted an extensive pre-project survey which resulted in a technical specification сconsidering all the subtle aspects of the client’s business processes.

Particular attention during the implementation was paid to the following:

  • Registration
  • Integration with other systems
  • Tenders and auctions
  • Reporting


  • Online Auction and Awarding Mechanism
  • Developing a system for automated pricing and auto-posting of products for the storefront and the auction
  • Comparing and automatically recalculating the stock balance in different units of measurement
  • Developing automatic moderation of counterparties
  • Creating unique ordering systems for each enterprise of TMK PJSC
  • Material catalog standardization
  • Implementing inventory balance management
  • Developing leftover stock reservation system
  • Two-way integration with the ERP system



The portal helps support the sales process transparency, increase the sales volume, minimize losses from the inefficiency of TMK PJSC slow-moving products sales offline, and also reduce Sales Managers labor hours.